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If any of the following rules interfere with the above rules, then they are invalid to the degree until they are valid.

~1 Follow All Rules That Are Listed In The Forums

If a staff member posts a rule, then follow it. You got complaints? Then either go to the suggestions forum or PM a staff, especially THE Admin.

~2 Don't Be A Jerk
That means no cussing, no ripping off people, and such. I'm not saying bow down to anyone. Use common sense. <-- If you don't have any, PM an admin and they will personally say what you can and cannot do to the highest degree they can specify; AKA your actions will have to then strictly follow severe guidelines.

~3 Misc.
-No Spamming
-No Cussing (once again)
-No Flaming
-No failing at flaming
-No overuse of chatspeak (lik u no rite? r8?)
-No random advertisement (see advertisement section)
~No racism
~No plagiarism

~4 Advertisement
a calling to the attention of the public -
~If you don't understand the rules in this section, then for you, no advertisement PERIOD
~This section will also cover linking another's work

Advertising is not advised. In your signature, you can put a link to somewhere (that has no mature or illegal content). You can also link to other places. Just don't make a topic of "Look Here's My Site" or something. In the random section, if you don't try to be an attention hog, no one will go after you for a warning and/or ban.

Now, this also covers your own images or your own work. Go to the appropriate forums and you may do so. If you don't just go out and put it in your every freakin' post other than your signature or avatar, then that would be considered bad advertisement.

As mentioned before in the rules before:
- If you post information which come from another site, look first if the site in question doesn't forbid it. Show the address of the site in question in order to respect the work of their administrators!

Well, to put it in easier words, if you're linking someone's work or directly quoting them, make sure you won't offend the source. Then, in most cases, give a link to the source.

Also use freakin' common sense. Which brings this to....

For crying out loud...
I've mentioned this three times to this point in these rules. Use your common sense.
Use your common sense.
Time another 1000
Getting a staff member pissed off for the most unreasonable and idiotic reasons will result in a high warning or ban.

More shall be decided upon finalization of rules
So come back to the General Rules now and then. A PM will notify all users of really big changes to the rules. And I mean if they're like forum bending rules. Any other updates will not need notification.

Not following these rules diligently and well will result in warnings, restrictions, and bans.
These rules will also be posted in the General Rules thread with a few other rules and additional information.
You have been warned!
Have fun :D

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